Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's up with Ronaldinho?

After yet another disappointing season at Barcelona, where the club came up empty handed for a second year in a row and with Ronaldinho missing much of the action due to injury and apparently personal issues. I'm left to ponder what's up with the player who I and the Barcelona faithful loved so much and who a lot of us still do.
Recent news in the press have been liking the two time Fifa Player of the Year heavily with a move to Manchester City as the owner Thaksin Shinawatra definitely has the funds to do so. However one is left to ponder if Ronaldinho would even consider moving to a club of a significantly lower caliber than Barca. There could be several reasons for him moving to a club like Manchester City, but I would say having the opportunity to be the world's best again and reviving a carrier which has gone quite quiet over the last two seasons as the main reasons.
Despite Manchester City being the club most mentioned in the media with being linked to Ronaldinho, apparently according to the player's brother and agent Roberto De Assis Moreier, Chelsea and AC Milan are still very interested. De Assis also made it known that there would be no conclusion to Ronaldinho's transfer saga anytime soon, as the player is relaxing in Brazil trying to recover from injury.
Even though there are reports in the news everyday about Ronnie, the player himself is keeping a very low profile and hasn't stated anything in regards to his future. This puts a huge question mark as to what are the player's views and what frame of mind he's in. Personally I would like to see him revive his carrier at Barca but with that looking unlikely I would prefer if he moved to AC Milan.
Moving to Manchester City to me seems like a huge step down but by moving there the team will most definitely be built around him and playing time will not be an issue. However it's hard to see him playing for City but in football money talks and anything can happen.

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