Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks silence

Ah yes, Cristiano has finally broken the silence on his future by declaring that he desires to play for Madrid. The gifted winger also stated that nothing was up to him and that he will move if Madrid pays him and United the money they stated they would offer. He also said that he will not be speaking about the matter again when asked.
This comes as no surprise to me, although it may be a shock to some Manchester fans. I mean, come on folks let's be realistic about this thing, Manchester United and Real Madrid are on two different levels, with the latter being more prestigious. I know many people will have their various opinions on this matter but this is the truth.
Going to Madrid will mean more money for Ronaldo but not necessarily more playing time. Madrid is a club who doesn't care who you are, you have to prove your worth and fight for your spot. Even club favorite Raul has to do it. For Ronaldo that should not be a hindrance but an opportunity to prove himself and show that he is up to the challenge. That is what makes great players great.
The coming weeks will definitely be interesting now that Ronaldo has declared that he wants to move. The owners and officials at Manchester are rather defensive in their stance to keep the player by threating to report Real Madrid to Fifa. As a result Madrid's president Ramón Calderón made an offical announcement stating that he nor the club does not wish to buy a player, if the club does not want to sell and that Real Madrid was not about to damage the relationship that they have with Manchester United. Let's see if he sticks to his words.
Personally I believe that if a player wants to leave a club there is no sense in trying to keep him. If he really wants to leave and you insist he stays and be stubborn, like the Glazer family, owners of Manchester United have been acting, the player can react to the club in the same way and choose not to give his best performances to the club. In my opinion it does more harm than help, but I really can't blame United for wanted to keep their best player. If he does leave they will be left with a huge hole to fill.

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Michael Nixon said...

Interesting words. I feel that Ronaldo just needs some time to really think about the position he is at right now. He is playing for the best club in the world and he is the best player surrounded by other great players who compliment his style of play better. Lets be honest, Ronaldo is most effective when he has lots of time on the ball, at Man U, things run through him. He is a way more important player on MAN U than he would be on Real, and if he makes the move he will realize that. As far as the stature of one time Real was on that supreme level (European wise, they still win their league). But Man Utd is on the upswing and I feel that they are on a higher level skillwise and will be at the same marketing level with the Glazer's getting the backing of Nike and other global sponsors. I think that the logical thing for him to do is stay, cause when its all said and done he could be that global, superceding soccer/sports/world icon that Beckham became and still is. And by the way, he didn't do that at Real...Becks went to Real and was another random player, so Ronaldo: take Beckhams advice and stay at the club he should have never left.


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