Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro 2008 Final: Germany vs Spain Live!

After a hard fought contest with teams battling it out for honor and national pride, we are left with two of the named favorites since the beginning, Germany and Spain.
Today's game promises to be an exciting match and I will be interested to see who comes out tops. Spain I believe will play very compact, ensuring that the Germans don't get that much needed space. Interesting match-ups will be all over the pitch, we'll see how well Sergio Ramos can stop Podolski, and if Marcos Senna will be able to contain Micheal Ballack or Frings. I believe that if Spain work the ball like they did against Russia, hold possession and look for the best passes, Germany will be unable to beat them today.
On the German hand of things, Germany has to play a lot better than they did against Turkey, if they expect to win. They were quite lucky to kill off Turkey in dramatic fashion, through a Philip Lahm stunner. However I believe whoever takes control of this game first will win it. German will most likely look to hit Spain on the counterattack, as I expect Spain to dominate the possession.
This match is truly a clash of two different styles, on one hand the more technical, skillful style played by Spain, and on the other, the more physical, brute-force style played by the Germans. Today we shall see which style comes out top, and who will call themselves Euro 2008 champions.
To watch the match go to there's a list of live sports listed on the website, just click on the Football tab for a list of today's matches and you will see the Germany vs Spain match. Bare in mind that if you don't have P2P software installed on your PC, you will need to download it. A guide for P2P software is listed on the website and my personal favorite is Sopcast. Enjoy!

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