Friday, August 22, 2008

Barca Targets Three, Robinho Makes Intentions Clear

With the transfer season winding down Barca are set to complete Pep Guardiola's squad with one last signing. A left-sided striker as a direct replacement for Ronaldinho.

The three names shortlisted are Robin Van Persie of Arsenal, Andrei Arshavin of Zenit St. Petersburg and Rodrigo Palacio of Boca Juniors.

Of the three Palacio's name has been mentioned quite often in the last couple of seasons even before Ronaldinho left the club. In the case of Arshavin, Tottenham Hotspur has left the race to sign him, as a deal collapsed due to Zenit's high price tag. Barca could now swoop for the talented Russian but it will cost them. Robin Van Persie is the least likely to arrive at the Nou Camp as he is one of Arsene Wenger's key players.


In other reports Robinho has made his intentions clear about where he wants to play this coming season.

In an interview with EFE news agency, Robinho said,

"I dream of playing in the Premier League. Chelsea have a great squad, a great team, and they've made an offer that's great for both me and Real Madrid.

"I have nothing against my current team, to whom I'm very grateful, but at this point my goal is to leave here and I hope that everything will be resolved as soon as possible."

I have to say, I really don't blame Robinho for his comments, I know he said he has nothing against his current club but really and truly I believe he wants to leave due to Madrid's treatment of him over the summer, with the whole Cristino Ronaldo saga.

I don't understand how Real Madrid could not have their key player on the top of their priority list. Any wise team would secure the services of their best and then seek to sign others, but Madrid is a club who constantly makes stupid mistakes and they will pay for it this season, especially if Robinho leaves Madrid.

With all this said I tip Barca to win the Liga due to Madrid's incompetence over the summer and also because of Barca's wonderful overhaul. FORCA BARCA!!!!

If Robinho does go to Chelsea, I predict Chelsea to win the Premier League title, HANDS DOWN!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Zenit Drops Arshavin Price

Russian club Zenit St Petersburg has dropped the price of their talisman Andrei Arshavin.

Zenit were initially asking around 26 million euros for the player, but after both Barca and Tottenham dropped interest because of the high price tag, the club has now decided to drop the price. However the price is thought to be dropped primarily because of Arshavin going on strike and Zenit's poor performance in the league thus far.

Zenit has played 17 league games this season and sits in seventh place, 11 points behind league leaders Rubin Kazin. Club coach Dick Advocaat has indicated that Arshavin's case is affecting the performances of the team.

Arshavin himself expects everything to be settled this week and has stated that where he will move depends on one million dollars.

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has stated that Arshavin is just one of the options considered as a replacement for Ronaldinho on the left side of attack, while Tottenham Hotspur coach, Juande Ramos, has been interested in the player throughout the transfer season and sees the player as the replacement for Robbie Keane who recently transfered to Liverpool.

Where will Arshavin go? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eto'o Set To Stay, As Guardiola Will Most Likely Name Him In Champions League Qualifier Against Wisla Krakow

Having been named in the list of players set to leave along with Deco and Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto'o looks set to stay at Barcelona.

Pep Guardiola has apparently made a complete turnaround in his view of the Cameroon international due to performances in the pre-season, where Eto'o finished top scorer in the team with 5 goals. As a result Pep is likely to name him in the Champions League qualifier against Wisla Krakow, thus securing his place in the squad.

Despite this news Eto'o is apparently unhappy with the situation and wants answers regarding his treatment over the summer. Hopefully the air is cleared and everything gets sorted out regarding this situation.

I have to say at the beginning of the transfer season when Pep made the announcement that Ronaldinho, Deco and Eto'o were no longer needed at the club, I was hoping that at least one of the three stayed. I'm happy to know that my wish looks likely to come through due to Eto'o still being at the club.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

David Silva May Come To Barca

Okay guys, negotiations between David Silva and Valencia over a new contract have apparently stalled and Barca are said to be keeping tabs on the situation, with the possibility of launching a bid when they return from their pre-season in the United States.

The bid could be made as early as Monday, with a figure of 25 million euros plus bonuses being quoted.

Valencia could very well entertain the offer given the current financial issues at the club, but one must wonder if they are willing to sell to one of their rivals.

I know many Barca fans would love to see Silva in our ranks and I share the same view, however I kind of want him to stay at Valencia to maintain some balance throughout the league, but regardless of what happens he indeed would be a good signing for the Blaugrana and a decent replacement for Ronaldinho on the left side of the midfield.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rivals In A War of Words

Inter Milan manager, Jose Mourinho, and Juventus manager, Claudio Ranieri, have been in a war of words over the last couple of days.

The whole thing started on Sunday when Ranieri's side lost the Emirates Cup 3-0 to Hamburg. Ranieri said "I think the opposite to Mourinho. I don't need to win to be sure of what I do." He continued his attack on Mourinho by speaking on Mourinho's earlier attempts during this transfer season to land Lampard, he said, "I think that if I would have been the one to ask Abramovich for Lampard, he would have come to Juventus".

In typical Mourinho fashion, he responded with these words “I am in Italy to work hard rather than take part in a war of words,”

“I want to do well with Inter and do the best possible for us and to forget about the work of others.

“Ranieri? I guess he’s right with what he said I am very demanding of myself and I have to win to be sure of things.

“This is why I have won so many trophies in my career. Ranieri on the other hand has the mentality of someone who doesn’t need to win. He is almost 70 years old.

“He has won a Supercup and another small trophy and he is too old to change his mentality.

“He’s old and he hasn’t won anything.”

So much for not wanting to take part in a war of words LOL!

After Mourinho's comments Ranieri has hit back at his Portuguese colleague by stating ,

“I think it’s best to leave the August controversies behind, they will pass with time just like football matches,”

“However, Mourinho has shown everyone what he is really like, his true personality and what he thinks of his colleagues.

“It will be very difficult for him to take charge of a team who has won two consecutive titles and expected to win everything.”

I'm just wondering why Ranieri would mention Mourinho after his defeat to Hamburg, is he threatened by the Portuguese tactician? I don't know but it just seems to me that the managers in the Serie A have something against Jose Mourinho. Ranieri is not the only one to have words for Mourinho, now Catania's coach Walter Zenga, has responded to Mourinho's words for Ranieri by saying,

“What is [Mourinho] trying to say? That other coaches in Serie A are trying to avoid hard work?

"In Italy we have some excellent coach’s even amongst the younger ones.

“All this stuff about punctuality and precision; every coach expects this not just him.”

I don't know guys but it seems to me like the managers in the Serie A hold grudges against the "Special One".

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Robinho: I Want To Go To Chelsea

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Brazilian superstar Robinho has made his feelings know to Real Madrid president, Roman Calderon and coach Bernd Schuster during negotiations.

Robinho apparently is disappointed with the club's delaying tactics over a new contract, and also the offer which is well below the 6 million euros on offer at Chelsea. Madrid are said to have only offered the player 4 million euros per year.

Marca quotes Robinho as saying "Let me go to Chelsea," "I want to go to Chelsea in the same wat that Ronaldo wants to come to Madrid. It is the same thing."

Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has openly expressed his desire to keep the former Santos player, having said that Robinho is a key part of his plans.

I understand Robinho's feelings and if I were him I would do the same. Robinho has been a key part of Madrid's success in winning the the La Liga title in the last two season and deserves more. His thinking is probably, if they are going to pay Cristiano Ronaldo that much, why can't they pay me the same. He is far more important to Madrid than Ronlado will be as he is a better player. Madrid in my opinion needs stop stalling and pay up because if they loose Robinho they will regret it, even if they get Cristiano Ronaldo. Like I said before Robinho will be a bigger hit at Chelsea than Ronaldo at Madrid.


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