Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scolari To Chelsea Official

Given the fact that Luiz Felipe Scolari has now been officially appointed coach of Chelsea, it will be very interesting to see what the Brazilian has to offer. Said to be a man who always has good relationships with his players by interacting with them and seeing how they like to play and where on the pitch. To see him coaching Chelsea will be very interesting indeed.
For me, bringing him to Chelsea was a good move by the directors and owner, Roman Abramovich, it will be very interesting to see how similar or different Chelsea plays under Scolari's rule. While Avram Grant was manager Chelsea pretty much played the same physical, brute force kind of football that they had been playing when Jose Mourinho was manager. However we will see if Scolari brings them to playing more attractive football, the kind that Abramovich would like to see.
Another point of topic, would be the players that he decides to bring to Stamford Bridge, will he follow the trend of the other managers in the EPL, and bring in players of his nationality, like Rafa Benitez brings in Spanish players and Arsene Wenger brings in the French. Well, we shortly shall see.
One player who it has been suggested that he will bring to the Bridge is Deco, who Scolari is currently coaching at Euro 2008 along with the other Portuguese players. It is reported that Scolari has indicated to Lampard that he should leave, thus leaving the press to speculate about Deco replacing Lamps. Regardless of who he brings in to play, one thing is certain, Chelsea fans are excited about Scolari's appointment, let's all just wait and see what he has to offer.

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