Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lampard Lands in Italy

With new reports out of Italy this time, suggesting that Lampard touched down in Italy to complete a medical at Inter Milan, the player's days at Chelsea definitely appear to be over.
I am actually quite excited about this transfer because English players usually don't play outside of their home country, and it will be very interesting in my opinion, to see how well Lampard performs at his new club. I think it won't be hard for him to adjust, especially with his former and soon to be current boss, Jose Mourinho, leading the charge. We all know how unsuccessful Micheal Owen was after making a move to Real Madrid in the 2004-2005 season, but I can't help but think Lamp's luck will be different.
Lampard's move again increases speculation, that Deco will be moving to the Bridge, largely because of newly appointed manager Luiz Felipe Scolari. I thought briefly about Roman Abramovich's interest in bringing in players, who can play more attractive football and definitely, Deco fits the script. His vision, skills and killer passes will bring one somewhat forgotten star to life, Andriy Shevchenko.
I strongly believe Shevchenko is the reason for wanting to see more attractive football. If you may recall when Sheva was at Milan, he was the kind of striker who usually ran on to deadly through balls from either Kaka or Pirlo. However at Chelsea the style of play is so different, that the player seemed to lack quality providers. After Chelsea payed such a hefty price for the striker, I believe they intend to bring in players who will help their investment perform rather sell and loose money.
As for Lampard I think the Serie A, will present challenges for him and ultimately will make him a better player. I think Inter Milan suits him just fine, and I'm definitely interested in seeing how he will adapt.

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