Friday, June 20, 2008

Mourhino "The Speial One" is back!!!

Jose Mourinho has once again entered the soccer arena after being out of a job for a about a year, and already the Portuguese, charismatic coach has made his mark.
Yes, Mourinho was appointed as coach of Inter Milan for the upcoming season and though that may be the highlight in the news about him thus far, it's not what I'm speaking about. Mourinho is a very controversial character and he just loves the spotlight, he is always in the media whether or not it is football related. If you know anything about him, you would recall that during his time as coach of Chelsea he had an incident with the London police and his dog. I laughed so much when I read that story. It seems that Jose does any and everything to get some attention.
Currently, Mourinho and the officials of Barcelona are throwing jabs at each other, primarily because Barca has claimed that Jose Mourinho asked them for an interview for a possible coaching vacancy the club had at the time. Mourinho however, has denied these claims and has stated that Marc Ingla, Barca's vice-president, lied about him and even went as far as saying that Ingla is out to tarnish his reputation. Barca has fired back swiftly and has said that yes a meeting had been held by the two parties, but Pep Guardiola, the newly appointed coach, was always the first choice and that they even have a literal transcript of the interview, to prove that Mourinho contacted them first.
To me, it was highly unlikely that Barca would have hired Mourinho anyway. During his time at Chelsea, when Barca knocked Chelsea out of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Mourinho was a sore loser and made several questionable comments which apparently damaged his relationship with the club. Also because of his highly controversial character, he would have never really been a fit for a team who wears the Unicef logo on their shirt.
I know that some people probably don't like "The Special One", but I just personally love the spice or flavor, whatever you may call it, he brings to the football scene. In whatever he is involved, something "Special" is almost always likely to happen. So with that said, welcome back "Special One".

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