Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EPL teams constantly stealing foreign talent

Today in the news Bruno Conti, technical director of Roma, has blasted Sir Alex Ferguson for his double standards as Manchester United has prized Davide Petrucci, a youth player who is tipped to be the next Francesco Totti, away from Roma.
Alex Ferguson is being specifically blasted because of the current Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga, where he and Manchester United have criticized Real Madrid for trying to prize the gifted winger away from Old Trafford, yet on the other hand continue to steal young talent from clubs like Roma that developed them.
Roma is not alone, Barcelona especially has had many of their gifted youngsters tempted into moves by English clubs, the biggest of these being Cesc Fabregas, who signed for Arsenal back in September of 2003 at the age of 16, the same age that Davide Petrucci of Roma is. Atletico Madrid has also been recently said to be protecting their youth team from English clubs such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool with the likes of Ignacio Camacho being promoted to first team action. Other names within the youth team who coaches tip to be promoted in the coming year are Borja González , Sergio Marcos, Pedro Mba and Perico.
What I don't like is that the English Premier League is currently boasting to be the best league in the world, yet still the majority of the talent playing in the league are not English, hence one of the reasons the English national team could not even qualify for Euro. The money and effort that they put into stealing other people's young players should be put into developing their own talent and nothing is stopping them from doing it. They are the richest league but yet they are content to steal, and that's why I personally have no respect for English clubs or their league. Bruno Conti was right for calling Alex Ferguson a hypocrite, I would call him one too.

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