Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cesc Fabregas, Spain confident

The quarterfinals of Euro 2008 are underway and there are indeed some interesting matches ahead, but I want to speak about the Italy versus Spain game on Sunday.
The Spanish will indeed be looking to overcome their quarterfinals jinx by beating the defending World Champions, Italy, who have looked rather shaky so far in this competition. Spain on the other hand has been playing well and have won all three of their group matches, and if momentum counts for anything they will beat Italy come Sunday. I am very excited about this game and hopefully Spain can live up to their hype.
Cesc Fabregas stated in an interview today that he believes his team will overcome their Italian opponents, primarily because they take care of the ball much better in terms of possession. I too agree with his statements, as long as Spain settle into their rhythm, the game is theirs. Don't get me wrong I'm not writing Italy off, they are a very good team and I respect them very much, but they seem to be struggling in the aspect of cohesion and chemistry. They don't have a fast counter attack like Spain or the Netherlands and their creativity seems a little watered down. However in football anything can happen.
Spain will certainly be hot favorites to lift the trophy if they do beat Italy, and with their morale bursting the roof right now, they certainly believe that impossible is nothing.

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