Monday, May 19, 2008

When will they learn?

Today my article will be about big clubs signing many big players and how this method never seems to work in the long run. I bring up this topic following the collapse of my favorite team F.C. Barcelona. Clearly they should have learned from Real Madrid with the era of the Galacticos that bringing too many renowned players to a club somehow never works out.
With Barcelona finishing third this season it is clear that their poor performances have nothing to do with the lack of talent but more of a lack of discipline and many other factors. Clearly the players have not been getting along over the past two years and it has shown on the pitch as Barca have not acquired a single trophy since their 2006 triumph in the Champions League. Deco who has now been given the green light to leave the club to play for another, recently said that in order to set up a great team and start winning again there needs to be stability in the dressing room and at the club. So obviously we can see what the problem is here. Evidently instability within the dressing room at Barca has finally come to it's peak and subsequently we shall see what I would like to call the "rebirth of Barca", with many of the stars, who I must say made their name in Barca, likely to leave.
My personal view is that somehow players tend to think of themselves more than anything else after sometime. Many renowned players such as Henry for example, are use to a team built around them and probably find it hard to share the limelight with others.When this starts to happen I guess players forget about the greater good of doing what's best for the team. I believe big stars need to return back to the fundamentals of life and learn that the most important word is "we" and and the least important is "I". I think this is the only way teams become truly successful. Barca had that mentality in the earlier years of this era but somehow lost it.

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