Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Champions League Final: Preview

Hi there football fans! Tomorrow is the Champions League Final!!!! Aren't u guys excited? I hope you are, as I know I will be looking forward to a pretty entertaining game with many twist and turns, or maybe it will be a dull game as both these teams are use to playing each other in the English Premier League but let's hope for the best.
Let's begin by talking about Manchester United who for many people will be the favorites to win this one. Christiano Ronaldo has apparently pumped himself for this game by declaring before the media when asked about his poor performances in big matches, that he is the best. One would think twice before disputing his comments but isn't it a little too early to be saying stuff like that? I mean you haven't even won the Champions League yet. I guess it's just his way of coping with the pressure ahead of him. Let's hope for his sake he doesn't miss another penalty like he did against Barcelona.
Next up Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, who would have thought they would have made it to the Champions League final without the "Special One", Jose Mourinho. I must say Chelsea have proved their worth this season as they have defied the odds by eliminating Liverpool, the team that knocked them out last season and so many times before. Furthermore much credit must be given to a man that who from the beginning received none, Avam Grant. A coach that no one has ever heard of before has silenced his critics by pressing Man. United for the title in the Premiership and giving the team a birth in the Champions League. Let's hope he can bring home the title for the club and continue to earn the respect of the fans, critics and even the authorities at Chelsea, who have admitted they didn't expect him to do so well.
I hope to see some good football tomorrow, with two teams out there giving it their all. Even though I'm not a fan of either of these clubs, I am a man who loves football and I enjoy the passion the fans, especially in England have for their clubs. I expect tomorrow to see big performances by Tevez for Manchester and by Drogba and Ballack for Chelsea. Some of you may wonder why I haven't mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo to peform big in this one, well I'll answer that by saying I'm judging him based on past performances in big matches. Let's hope for the sake of the Manchester fans he shows up.


Anonymous said...

Like you said my man, the game tomorrow will either be spectacular or indispeakably boring. What i object though is the fact that Ronaldo won't shine. I believe that he will not shine at all but he will outshine Chelsea. I have respect for Chelsea but Manchester have a greater style of football u can never rule them out of the game early. Manchester plays to the whistle until the very last minute. From a view of a Man U fan, i would say Ronaldo and Ferdinand will perform and as for goals it will be 1-0 with Ronaldo scoring from a free kick. For my opponents, they should rely on Drogba because he has always been mr fantastic but he will miss one or two goals. I'll be posting a victory msg tomorrow. See u in Moscow!

Anonymous said...

You are right my man. I agree with you one hundred percent. Everyone thinks Cristiano Ronaldo will be the main guy in this match but as we know he does not show his best or he is simply not good enough for big matches. In the other hand, we have "experienced" players in finals. At least Carlitos Tevez has gone through many finals with Boca Juniors, winning most of them. And of course Drogba too, he has African experience, if you know what I mean. Even his team lost in the final of the Africa Cup he was the guy to watch. Oh! also Ballack of course, a big finals guy, can be very important for Chelsea in the same way as Lampard. Going back to Man U. Rio Ferdinad will be very important in trying to stop Drogba and others. Similarly, Terry of Chelsea will be crucial for Chelsea's defense. To make it simply, I think that the match will be very entertained. My prediction: Manchester United will win with Tevez as the big star.

Jenner Becerra


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