Sunday, May 18, 2008

What lies ahead for Kaka?

I want to start off this blog by talking about last year's world player of the year Ricardo Kaka. With today's conclusion of the Serie A and AC Milan subsequently finishing in 5th!!! One has to ponder what lies ahead for Kaka will he move abroad or will he stay at his beloved Milan. Over the past couple of months he has been liked with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea. Personally I believe he is going nowhere even though his side will be playing for the Uefa Cup next season, in my opinion there isn't a side around where he fits more perfectly than Milan.

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Anonymous said...

This is a pity for such good players to play for clubs that don't win cups. Like what my infamous friend state the teams are like bras,they have all the support but no cups. Personally i don't think kaka would play gud soccer in any other club other than serie A and he is just one of those players who will retire with less than 5 cups.


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