Friday, May 23, 2008

AC targets four Strikers

Hi soccer fans!!! The word out is that AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti is in the hunt for a world class striker this summer and he has pinpointed four as his main targets, Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto'o, Emmanuel Adebayor and Amauri. It's obvious he is trying to boost his attack by signing a world class striker who can help them win the league next season, as he has stated that this is their objective when the season resumes. Of the four I would particularly like to see Drogba playing for Milan, they would gladly welcome Eto'o but I would like to see him continue at Barca and turn his fortune around at the club, Adebayor has already expressed his desire to stay at Arsenal but this is football and we all know anything can happen and of the four Amauri is the one I know the least about. All I know is that he's Brazilian, he plays for Palermo and he scored 15 goals in the Serie A this season. So with that said let me know who you personally think out of the four is best suited for Milan.

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