Friday, May 23, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo to decide future

With the conclusion of the Champions League and with him significantly helping his team win the title, there is a buzz in the air about what's next for Ronaldo. Will he stay and continue to help Manchester win titles or will he be tempted into a move to Real Madrid who are reported to have lined up a record fee of 100 million pounds for the Portuguese winger.
Ronaldo has declared to the media that he can't make any promises to anyone as he claims he does not know what the future holds. From the looks of things no one knows but obviously Ronaldo is tempted to test other waters. If Ronaldo indeed leaves Manchester we could be in for another burst up between Sir Alex Ferguson and one of his top players, as we have seen it in the past with David Beckham and Ruud van Nistelrooy. I personally can't blame Fergie for wanting to keep his most talented player, but we all know in the world of football anything can happen and ultimately money talks.
Ronaldo needs to think hard and long about this decision because a move to Madrid can have serious consequences for his career. Moving to Real Madrid is a big decision for any player as some of the world's best players play there, failure to perform could result in an action which I know Ronaldo would not be too pleased about, it's called being benched. Ronaldo never gets benched at United and I know it is an issue he will personally struggle with if he moves. However it is hard to believe they would bench a player after paying such a hefty price, but this is Real Madrid all they care about is results and they will play whoever can help them achieve their goal.
Ronaldo however has stated in the media today that he is very happy at United and that he loves the fans, the people at the club and that he wants to stay, also with Sir Alex being very stubborn about the whole situation my guess is that Ronaldo will stay at Manchester United and I personally believe that is what's best for his career at the moment.

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