Monday, July 14, 2008

In Your Opnion, Which League Is The Best In Europe?

Okay this a very heated discussion and I know many people who blow up over the issue, so I'll just throw this out there to get your views.

For me the I rank the top 6 leagues in Europe as follows:
1) La Liga - Spain
2) Serie A - Italy
3) Premier League - England
4) Portuguese Liga - Portugal
5) Eredivisie - Holland
6) Ligue 1 - France

Okay I will justify my reason for saying Spain has the best League. The La Liga is very competitive, unlike England you cannot choose a winner out of four specific clubs. Middle order teams break into the top 4 four every season and teams who you would think are destined to perform are sometimes relegated. The technicality of the league is on another level, and teams are beaten largely based on who makes a mistake first. Another reason why I say La Liga is the best league is because the best players play in the league or want to do so. The biggest stars from around the globe are always drawn to the league, Henry is an example with his recent move to Barcelona and more recently Cristiano Ronaldo, who has openly expressed his desire to join Real Madrid. Moreover the league produces the hottest young talent through their youth teams, the likes of Fernando Torres, Messi, Bojan Krikic, Giovanni Dos Santos, David Villa, David Silva and Sergio Ramos have all been raised in the youth ranks of clubs in Spain.

I could go on and on giving reasons why I believe La Liga is the best league but you go ahead and voice your opinion, I'm eager to hear your comments.

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