Saturday, July 19, 2008

Transfer Season A Lot Like Dating

Some people may see this article title and might be saying, what is this guy talking about, the transfer season a lot like dating? I know it sounds kind of crazy but just think about it for a second.
Liken the current clubs of the players to that of their current girlfriends, they have a great relationship their services are needed etc. but the transfer season(dating season or summer) comes and many players see another girl who's offering them more, maybe she's got the whole package, a beautiful smile and a nice figure (money), and she's oh so tempting to those players who focus only on the physical, or what she has to offer. Ronaldo is a perfect example of this player, with his current transfer saga with Real Madrid. Of course you know his current girlfriend(Manchester United) doesn't want to let him go, she's bossy, and more likely than not, he has no choice but to stay with her.
However there are different types of players in this game, there are players who look pass what a girl has to offer, they see her for what she is, and is attracted by her values, her character what she stands for and how he can make her a better person. He doesn't let looks be the motivating factor of his decision in choosing a new spouse or date. This kind of player is like Ronaldinho, who moved to Milan this week. I mean the brother had options, women were offering him the world(Manchester City with their lucrative offer), yet he choose the one he was most comfortable with, the one he had a love for, even though she didn't have much to offer.( Milan with their significantly lower deal and no Champions League football)
Then there is the player who is never satisfied, he has a problem with every girl he comes across, I don't even know if to call him picky, but I think he's something of a gigolo. He gets fed up with his current girl and often doesn't stay in a relationship for too long, he's always threating to leave her and often does. Anybody got a clue as to which player I'm talking about? Yip! Nicolas Anelka. Throughout this guy's career, he has played for 8 different clubs in the space of 10 years, subsequently earning himself the nickname "Le Sulk" or the Sulk. He recently signed for Chelsea and has already threatened to leave, because he wasn't getting much playing time under recently fired manager, Avram Grant.
So there you have it, the transfer season is a lot like dating. Players look for the girls who can keep them satisfied, weather it's what she's offering(money), or how much time she's giving the player(playing time), these are just some of the factors that influence a player's decision or quest for a new girl(club).
Can you think of any more players to fit the three descriptions I mentioned?

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