Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Should Madrid Swap Robinho For Ronaldo?

This rumor is particularly nothing new, it has been said that Madrid are willing to include Robinho in the deal to sign Cristiano Ronaldo.
My view on this rumor, is that Real Madrid is stupid for wanting to bring Ronaldo to the La Liga in the first place. Although they can make a great deal of money from the player, Ronaldo in my opinion is not a good player. I apologize to all you Ronaldo fans out there but this guy is all lip and no action.
Ronaldo has been boastful, making stupid comments like "I'm the best", and even though he had a great season at Manchester, in which he scored a total of 31 league goals, he still fails to show up in big matches, and the Champions League semi-final and final where he missed penalties in both games is proof enough.
If Madrid were to swap Robinho for Ronaldo it would be a great lost to them. Robinho is a better player than Ronaldo, Yes! I said it. When Robinho first started playing at Madrid he was a lot like Ronaldo, selfish! He liked to keep the ball too much and not pass to open teammates which in tern hurt his team, just like Ronaldo with Portugal at Euro 2008. Robinho however changed his game using his speed and skill to find space for his teammates and of course he bangs in his chances when they come. Robinho is one of the main reasons Madrid are current La Liga champions, especially for his performances in the first half of the season.
I guess my biggest problem with Cristiano Ronaldo, is that he's not a team player, his selfishness hurts his team, and the style of play in Spain entails critical passes and technical finishing, the likes of which I haven't seen Ronaldo do. How often have you seen Ronaldo pass a ball that splits the defense in two?
Robinho wants to remain at Mardid, but he has stated that if the club wants to include him in a swap deal, he will buy out the remainder of his contract and move elsewhere, possibly Chelsea. Believe me guys Robinho would be a bigger hit at Chelsea than Ronaldo would be at Madrid, I would put money on it. So with all this said, my opinion on the matter is, Madrid should not swap Robinho for Ronaldo, as Robinho is the better player.

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