Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Latest On Ronaldinho & Eto'o

The futures of both Ronaldinho and Eto'o are still quite uncertain, and we still don't know what will become of the two. Deco joined Chelsea yesterday, and these two could follow him shortly through the exit door.
Ronaldinho spoke today on his future, and said that if Chelsea made an offer for him he would relish the chance to rejoin his former coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari, who he has a great relatonship with, as they have known each other for quite sometime, and have won the World Cup together. However he remains loyal to Barca and has stated that he is still a Barca player, and that any transfer involving him, will be taken care of by his brother and agent, Roberto De Assis. He said that he has not yet returned to Barcelona to speak with the club, and that he is not concerned currently on where he will be playing next season, as his thoughts are consumed with his recovery. Ronaldinho also stated that he is currently very focused and getting in shape for the upcoming Olympics, as he gears up to play for his native Brazil.
Eto'o on the other hand hasn't said anything recently, but did say earlier that he will not be forced into a decision on his future, until he has spoken to the club. New reports suggest that Barca is ready to offer Eto'o to Juventus in exchange for David Trezeguet, and that Juve would welcome the offer if Barca made it official.
The transfers of these players are just a waiting game, your guess is as good as mine. I truly believe that both Eto'o and Ronaldinho will decide, after they have sat down with the club to discuss the issue.
Ronaldinho doesn't appear to be too bothered with his future, as he knows he still has a contract with Barcelona, and he can easily find another club to pay his salary. Ronaldinho's transfer will most likely be decided by his brother, as it is said agents act according to how a move will benefit them. Eto'o's situation on the other hand is just baffling to me, yes, David Trezeguet is a good striker and he is in form, but his playing days are less than Eto'o's and I personally believe, Eto'o is the better of the two. For Juventus that's a hell of a deal, if I were them I would gladly accept the swap.

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