Sunday, July 13, 2008

Are Clubs Wrong For Denying Their Players Permission To Play At The Olympics?

Many international stars are being denied permission by their various clubs to participate at this year's Olympic games. Ronaldinho(Barcelona), Diego(Werder Bremen), Babel(Liverpool)and Kaka(AC Milan), just to name a few, have all been told by their respective clubs, that they do not have permission to play at this year's Olympics.
This just brings me back to the question of how important international football is, when a club can deny a player from playing for his country.
Obviously playing for one's country is very important for these players, as many of them are gutted when not selected, they value it highly and see it as a great honor.
However clubs in my opinion do have an argument, they invested in these players and are hardly ever compensated when a player is injured on international duty.
So what do you think? Is it wrong for clubs to deny players from playing at the Olympics for their country? Does club come first? Or does country come first? What are your thoughts?

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