Sunday, August 3, 2008

Robinho: I Want To Go To Chelsea

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Brazilian superstar Robinho has made his feelings know to Real Madrid president, Roman Calderon and coach Bernd Schuster during negotiations.

Robinho apparently is disappointed with the club's delaying tactics over a new contract, and also the offer which is well below the 6 million euros on offer at Chelsea. Madrid are said to have only offered the player 4 million euros per year.

Marca quotes Robinho as saying "Let me go to Chelsea," "I want to go to Chelsea in the same wat that Ronaldo wants to come to Madrid. It is the same thing."

Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has openly expressed his desire to keep the former Santos player, having said that Robinho is a key part of his plans.

I understand Robinho's feelings and if I were him I would do the same. Robinho has been a key part of Madrid's success in winning the the La Liga title in the last two season and deserves more. His thinking is probably, if they are going to pay Cristiano Ronaldo that much, why can't they pay me the same. He is far more important to Madrid than Ronlado will be as he is a better player. Madrid in my opinion needs stop stalling and pay up because if they loose Robinho they will regret it, even if they get Cristiano Ronaldo. Like I said before Robinho will be a bigger hit at Chelsea than Ronaldo at Madrid.

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Ir. hydir said...

I hope this deal will be finalised in the coming weeks. Robinho to chelsea will make chelsea fly to the sky!



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