Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rivals In A War of Words

Inter Milan manager, Jose Mourinho, and Juventus manager, Claudio Ranieri, have been in a war of words over the last couple of days.

The whole thing started on Sunday when Ranieri's side lost the Emirates Cup 3-0 to Hamburg. Ranieri said "I think the opposite to Mourinho. I don't need to win to be sure of what I do." He continued his attack on Mourinho by speaking on Mourinho's earlier attempts during this transfer season to land Lampard, he said, "I think that if I would have been the one to ask Abramovich for Lampard, he would have come to Juventus".

In typical Mourinho fashion, he responded with these words “I am in Italy to work hard rather than take part in a war of words,”

“I want to do well with Inter and do the best possible for us and to forget about the work of others.

“Ranieri? I guess he’s right with what he said I am very demanding of myself and I have to win to be sure of things.

“This is why I have won so many trophies in my career. Ranieri on the other hand has the mentality of someone who doesn’t need to win. He is almost 70 years old.

“He has won a Supercup and another small trophy and he is too old to change his mentality.

“He’s old and he hasn’t won anything.”

So much for not wanting to take part in a war of words LOL!

After Mourinho's comments Ranieri has hit back at his Portuguese colleague by stating ,

“I think it’s best to leave the August controversies behind, they will pass with time just like football matches,”

“However, Mourinho has shown everyone what he is really like, his true personality and what he thinks of his colleagues.

“It will be very difficult for him to take charge of a team who has won two consecutive titles and expected to win everything.”

I'm just wondering why Ranieri would mention Mourinho after his defeat to Hamburg, is he threatened by the Portuguese tactician? I don't know but it just seems to me that the managers in the Serie A have something against Jose Mourinho. Ranieri is not the only one to have words for Mourinho, now Catania's coach Walter Zenga, has responded to Mourinho's words for Ranieri by saying,

“What is [Mourinho] trying to say? That other coaches in Serie A are trying to avoid hard work?

"In Italy we have some excellent coach’s even amongst the younger ones.

“All this stuff about punctuality and precision; every coach expects this not just him.”

I don't know guys but it seems to me like the managers in the Serie A hold grudges against the "Special One".

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